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October 25, 2013
by puhfu

Care and Feeding – Week of 10/21/13

A break from food service on Monday as I was at Penn State Hershey.


We are running out of lunch things. It’s back to PB (Calvin), PB+J (Ian), PB+2J (Olivia).


Pizzadilla (pepperoni, mozzarella, marinara in a quesadilla) for everyone.


Pastrami and swiss panini, with arugula.


Roasted chicken and havarti panini, with avocado for Olivia.

October 18, 2013
by puhfu

Care and Feeding – Week of 10/14/13

I’m not compulsive enough to do this daily.


Roasted chicken and havarti on 7 grain, with arugula (to Olivia’s delight and the boys’ indifference)


Calvin’s standby: scrambled egg whites on a toasted plain bagel; mortadella, capicola, rosemary ham, pepperoni panini on crusty italian white with havarti (no provolone, alas) and arugula.


Ian and Calvin with a chicken and cheese quesadilla; Olivia with a chicken mozzarella basil pesto panini with avocado and arugula


Calvin with the old standby PB+J on wheat; Olivia and Ian with mortadella, capicola, and ham panini with mozzarella, Olivia’s with avocado and basil.

October 5, 2013
by puhfu

Travis in KC, part I


They’ve closed airport operations because of the lightning and rain storm currently pounding Dallas-Ft. Worth. Travis is a little demanding right now. He doesn’t understand the reason why we can’t board the plane. I’ve tried to explain to him the issue about metal planes and lightning and electrical conduction but he is being a bad listener. He says either let him run around outside in the rainstorm just like he did in the savannahs of Africa or let’s get this trip going. I’ve pointed out that the only savannah he’s ever known is Olivia’s friend but he’s ignoring me.

October 3, 2013
by puhfu

Finding the right collaboration tool (part 1)

I am constantly looking for a software tool that will allow my various working groups/projects to collaborate effectively. CONSTANTLY.

1. Dashboard/Overview – an effective presentation of all projects
2. Project Workspaces – well-designed spaces to organize data, tasks, etc for a single project
3. Email integration – for reminders, status reports
4. Document management, w/ integration to Google Docs, Dropbox, Box
5. Task management, w/ integration with Omnifocus
6. Calendar/event notification, w/ integration with Google Calendar, iCal
7. Knowledge management – such as a wiki

1. Basecamp is widely used, trendy, and has a lot of traction. At $20/month for a 10 project installation, it’s higher than I want to pay (which is nothing). It has Omnifocus integration through Spootnik which is great for me personally since I do use Omnifocus fairly extensively. I love the user interface.
2. TeamLab Office is priced by user (vs by project, like Basecamp). For 1-5 active users, it’s $75/year (or $6.25/month). Of course, I have more than 10 people in my pediatric hospital medicine group alone, and ideally, I’d like to use this for the kids as well as they work on projects. For 6-10 users, the price jumps up substantially to $25/month or $250/year. They have a free version for use by non-profits, but you have to post one of the TeamLab banners to the home page. We have a strict policy of no advertising or product endorsements due to our university affiliation.
3. Teambox is probably the one I like best of the paid plans. There is a free version for up to 5 users and 5 projects, and Google Drive integration. Beyond that, it’s $5/user/month, no limit on projects with Dropbox, Box, and Google Drive integration.
4. Feng Office is also priced by project. It has a basic plan with 20 projects at $20/month, and then rises quickly to 50 projects at $59/month. It’s not my favorite UI design. Feng Office demo site: Epsilon Design Shop
5. Open Atrium is a collaboration tool that I found fairly recently that is built on Drupal 7.x which I really like (both Drupal and Drupal 7) since that is what I use to run the harborpeds.org website. And since it’s built on Drupal – no software cost.

1. I’m already paying for server hosting at Rackspace. And I spent the time to optimize it so might as well use that instead of paying someone to host it for me.
2. Therefore, open source, actively supported/developed.

Going to try Teambox. The website is running version 4, which is not open source. However, Teambox version 3 is available. It’s Ruby on Rails based. Why not give it a try? Nothing to lose except my mind.

September 30, 2013
by puhfu

Care and Feeding – 9/30/13

Breakfast: Calvin gets an english muffin and egg white sandwich. Ian gets same with canadian bacon and a fried egg, over medium. Olivia gets a fried egg, over medium, with corned beef hash on top of an english muffin.

Lunch: Toasted Black Forest ham and Havarti on wheat. Everyone gets lettuce. Ian and Olivia get avocado, but Olivia gets tomato too.

Off to Kansas City later today for our EHR build.