X Marks the Spot

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About Us

Welcome to our electronic home. Our feng shui is good.

Why would anyone want to put up a vanity site? Seriously, between Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram, and iCloud Photostream, it’s not like there are an insufficient number of digital places to post our content online. This is just one more low-volume site that will clutter up the Internet that no one will ever see, except for possibly our friends and family. I mean, the very act of adding this site to Google Analytics screams “delusional” and possibly “compulsive”. So why?

  • It’s a healthy dose of geekery. I get to install stuff, mess around with a command line, keep up my nerd credentials. (Although the kids say that I have lifetime credentialing for that …)
  • It’s an outlet for my constant attempts to organize my world and be creative.
  • It’s a good chunk of sheer laziness. Putting everything here will make it simple for us to just have a single place to reference.
  • It’s a simple platform that I can use to get the kids involved in living in an online world, but in a structured and monitored environment. If they are creating here, I’m hoping that there’s less of a chance that they’ll be using other social media platforms to waste their time. (see above, “delusional”)

Why fuweb.com?
Because fu.com, fu.org, and fu.net were all taken. And they still are (not that I keep trying, see above “compulsive”). fu.com is a business. fu.org was a family website but now it’s just parked. fu.net was a pr0n site but now looks like it’s just parked. And because two-letter domains are not permitted for most other TLDs. fu.fyi is used for URL shortening and I didn’t pick it up until 2018.

The family:
We live deep in coastal south Orange County, California, where there is far too much (good) beach-Mex cuisine, (fair) Thai restaurants, and (horrible) Chinese food. I mean, I had someone tell me with a straight face that Pick-Up Stix was good. I should not have laughed, by the way. We are lonely social liberals in a sea of (irrationally) social conservative neighbors. We’re really Blue Dog Democrats. We are fighting the good fight. Our very existence here is a finger to the Man.

The parents:
We are both pediatricians. I’m an academic pediatric hospitalist and medical informaticist. She’s a primary care pediatrician. In fact, we met during residency. I called her the most annoying person I had ever met (thanks for using that in your best man toast, o brother of mine) and she thought I was among the world’s most naive when I showed up on my first day of internship to take over her team in the NICU. Ah, true love. In our copious spare time, I referee soccer games and umpire Little League baseball, and she is team manager for one of the soccer teams. We read (me: science, hard SF, trashy romances, young adult dystopian fiction; her: chick lit, Spanish literature), watch The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report, and sleep.

The kids:
We have three (girl, boy, boy). They are wonderful, compassionate, intelligent, playful, and polite children and we adore them greatly. Except when they are being annoying, selfish, ignorant, whiny, and rude and they are driving us crazy. We are blessed that the former occurs much more frequently than the latter. We have over-committed them horribly to extracurricular activities in the selfish hope that they will develop confidence and self-esteem and the ability to work and play with their peers. It’s mostly working. (See above, “annoying, selfish, ignorant, whiny, and rude”). One will be attending Stanford in the fall of 2018 having graduated from San Juan Hills High School in San Juan Capistrano where the middle child will still be and the youngest will in a couple years. #RFTB

The pets:
Once upon a time, in a not-so-faraway land, there was a boy who was very allergic to dogs and who loved a girl. The girl had a dog (dear sisters-in-law, thanks for thinking about me when you gave her the dog) and but loved the boy. His love exceeded the respiratory suffering that the dog caused and they were married. The dog’s name was Chloe and she was a part of the family for 12 years, and was loving but very, very simple. She developed cancer and died. It was bad. The parents sobbed like children. The children didn’t understand. They went without a dog for two years, and adopted a succession of betta fish concurrently named “Bob”. Did you know that fish smell fishy? The boy’s allergies subsided and he remembered what life without needing cetirizine was like. Then one day, Basset Hound Rescue of Southern California told a very, very sad tale of a puppy who was neglected and needed a good home. See above, “social liberal”. Her name is Lola, it took a couple years to train the bad habits out of her, and the boy is again used to stocking tissue in Costco quantities. Lola is a good member of the family, loves watching the Los Angeles Dodgers and anything UCLA and hates the Giants and USC. She also chases the legally protected mud swallow when they nest in the yard, but, oh well. Can’t fix everything.