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July 3, 2020
by puhfu

Edgerouter 4 and https SSL certs

Wanted to get rid of the annoying not secure https session so found these instructions. https://community.ui.com/questions/How-to-install-a-Valid-Certificate-on-the-ER-version-1-8-5-and-above/71d1fb1b-198d-4114-910c-1a24326104b4#comment/6b468339-fe58-4d9c-b6f7-d0cbbf64d541 Used zerossl.com for the 90d certificate. So every 90d I have to install the updated cert. Quick instructions: CSR -> zerossl Generates cert and … Continue reading

June 17, 2020
by puhfu

Journals, Journaling, and the app journey (which was pretty brief, actually)

Well, after some encouragement from my therapist (dealing with my mom’s rapidly declining health), and some procrastination, I’m finally biting the bullet and doing what all the, heck, not cool, but actually, who journals? Rabbit hole: https://medium.com/mind-cafe/why-keeping-a-daily-journal-could-change-your-life-9a4c11f1a475 I guess you … Continue reading

May 5, 2020
by puhfu
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“incorrect password” error on iOS devices on UniFi wifi network

Source: https://gonza.fi/en/unifi-incorrect-password-ios-iphone-ipad The Unifi line of WiFi access points from Ubiquiti have a strong reputation for being reliable devices. However, many users are reporting “incorrect password” errors when using premium mobile devices from Apple. Fixing this issue is easy using … Continue reading