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Care and Feeding – 9/11/12


Not a terribly successful food day.

Breakfast – Kellogg’s Frosted Mini Wheats a la Dad (i.e. sliced strawberries on the bottom of the bowl, then layered mini wheats – so when the milk goes in, the mini wheats don’t get soggy and gross right away). Olivia wasn’t very hungry, Ian and Calvin didn’t finish.

Lunch – Black forest ham and havarti on wheat bread with arugula. Green seedless grapes (did you know one serving size of grapes is about 15-16 grapes?) and orange Jello snack. Complaints galore about the ham. Seriously? “Rubbery” is what Olivia called it. Calvin didn’t really like it (but ate it anyway; what’s new?). Ian didn’t really like it (and didn’t eat most of it; what’s new?)

Dinner – “Chopstick” training with Ian at Miyako – it’s all about the udon and the gyoza and the deep-fried tempura battered California roll. Also tried a baked white fish and California roll with eel sauce variation – two thumbs up! – and brought home. Paulina loves it too. Olivia and Calvin go with the stand-by Rubio’s bean and cheese burrito.

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