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Care and Feeding – 9/13/13


Friday mornings are rushed.

Breakfast – Strawberries and raspberries fruit bowl. Sourdough toast for Calvin and Ian. Very much rush and go with Paulina leaving for the office early.

Lunch – Roasted chicken and ham with havarti cheese panini. With avocado for Olivia … or at least it was supposed to be for Olivia. I stuck it into Ian’s lunch bag on accident. Oops. Ian loved it with avocado – who’d have thought it? At least they go to the same school now. Olivia, realizing that I had swapped inadvertently, hunted Ian down and forcibly swapped the remaining third. Talk about eight grader bullying.

Dinner – All three kids have morning soccer games tomorrow so it’s carbohydrate loading. I was late to tae kwon do pickup at 8pm for the boys and Olivia had to be picked up in San Juan Capistrano from someone bringing her back from orchestra rehearsal (Community Youth Orchestra of Orange County) in Irvine. Not enough time to go home, cook, feed boys, and get out to pick up the girl. Guicho’s Eatery 2 It’s a local eatery, the original in south San Clemente, the second location near to us. It has a loyal local following, strong word of mouth, and good Yelp reviews. But I can’t say that I’m all that impressed, which is unfortunately pretty normal for the food in San Clemente with a couple exceptions. Calvin had a meatball sub; polished it off. Ian went with fusilli with homemade pork sausage, mushrooms, caramelized onions, garlic, and unfortunately chopped basil garnish (which he detested) in a chicken stock sauce. Didn’t finish. Ian will stop when he’s done. The other two? Not so much. Olivia’s takeout had farfalle with chopped chicken breast, sun-dried tomato, fresh oregano, green onions, garlic, in that same chicken stock sauce. I had lasagna; it was meh. The sub was the best of the four, followed by the lasagna – largely for the reason of the marinara sauce which really was quite awesome. The fusilli was over cooked; the farfalle was undercooked (barely al dente). This is the second time we’ve been there. Doubt strongly there will be a third.

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