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Care and Feeding – Week of 10/14/13


I’m not compulsive enough to do this daily.


Roasted chicken and havarti on 7 grain, with arugula (to Olivia’s delight and the boys’ indifference)


Calvin’s standby: scrambled egg whites on a toasted plain bagel; mortadella, capicola, rosemary ham, pepperoni panini on crusty italian white with havarti (no provolone, alas) and arugula.


Ian and Calvin with a chicken and cheese quesadilla; Olivia with a chicken mozzarella basil pesto panini with avocado and arugula


Calvin with the old standby PB+J on wheat; Olivia and Ian with mortadella, capicola, and ham panini with mozzarella, Olivia’s with avocado and basil.

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