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Idle hands are the devil’s workshop (Prov 16:27)


or How I spent the Saturday of Labor Day weekend.

Because it was so hot outside, I decided to do some server maintenance.

1. Used yum and the @ius repository to install Apache 2.4. I heard that 2.4 does memory management better.
2. Discovered that I broke something and WP would not load correctly (PHP module dependency)
3. Decided that the differences between 2.2 and 2.4 were not sufficient for me to spend time making 2.4 work
4. Uninstalled apache 2.4 using yum
5. Tried to install apache 2.2 using yum and watched it fail.
6. Learned yum clean all and how to find the name of a package yum list installed and remove the ones that didn’t get erased cleanly with the uninstall
7. Finally reinstalled apache 2.2
8. Installed PHP 7 because why not
9. Decided to add my instagram feed to the main X marks the spot page so mucked with my child theme and discovered that it is no longer supported (but I like it and I can read CSS so NBD I guess)
10. Discovered that my CSS is very rusty. Thank goodness for backups.
11. Decided to figure out my social media cross posting.

Twitter –> Facebook app –> Facebook post (set Only Me so that I don’t spam with my conference/HIT tweeting)
Instagram –> IFTTT –> Twitter
Instagram –> IFTTT –> Tumblr (I have a tumblr?)
Instagram –> WP widget –> WP
WP –> WP plugin –> Twitter (selective by post)
Twitter –> WP widget –> WP

I show my insta and twitter on the main WP page (right columns, see #9/10 above)
But I am old so I use FB instead of instagram. How do I get my Facebook to cross-post to WordPress? There are many WP plugins to do the opposite.

Facebook simple text post –> IFTTT –> WP post ** WORKS **
Facebook link post –> IFTTT –> WP photo post ** DOESN’T WORK **

Well let me rephrase, cross posting FB link post to WP photo post works, but for some reason, the IFTT applet runs multiple times, resulting in multiple WP posts.

Troubleshooting that will be left to another day.

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