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Review: The Habit Burger Grill (San Clemente)


While I do think that In-n-Out burgers and fries taste better, you can’t go wrong at The Habit Burger Grill in San Clemente. Burgers are very good, grilled over open flame (you can see the grease flare up every once in a while). The single patty is more substantial than at the other place too. What makes this my go-to for burgers (right now) is the great variety that goes beyond animal style. You have your standards – cheese, lettuce, tomato, grilled onions, pickles, spread. But you also have the option for sauteed mushrooms, bacon, or avocado. And a wheat bun. Or you can go for a BBQ bacon (messy deliciousness), mushroom swiss (my favorite), or teriyaki pineapple (ok). Not in the mood for a burger? They have grilled chicken, chicken club (check out – and skip! – the calories on that one), tri-tip (it’s kind of dry – avoid this one), tuna steak, and pastrami (mmmmmm good) sandwiches or veggie patty burger. Fries are good, sweet potato fries are decent, and the onion rings are great, but then again, I’ve never turned away battered pieces of onion that are deep fried (well, except for that one place in Chicago …).

The shakes and malts are so much better than In-n-Out.

Staff is great, service is quick. Tables are clean.

Oh yeah. They have salads too.

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